A world of legendary adventure awaits…

Get ready to spin your own epic Tales of the Elder Days!

Welcome to Tales of the Elder Days, a pen and paper fantasy role playing game that will bring amazing worlds of daring adventure to your gaming table. With just a handful of dice, the core rules, and a few like minded friends you will be facing ravening orcs, thwarting evil cults, and exploring ancient ruins in no time at all.

Tales of the Elder Days will accommodate many styles of play, from the dark and gritty to the lighthearted and whimsical, from quick one-shot adventures to lengthy campaigns. Whatever tales of fantasy mayhem you can imagine, Tales of the Elder Days will let you bring them to life!

Tales of the Elder Days is a full-fledged game system, offering more than forty origins, three hundred traits, and three hundred spells to choose from. Whether you decide to play an armored knight, a shirtless barbarian, a mysterious wizard, or are the game master that needs to weave it all together, Tales of the Elder Days offers countless ways to add variety to the characters and the game.

All of this at a price you can afford. The digital version of Tales of the Elder Days is available, unabridged, for free.

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