Right now, Moss Games is just me, Sam Mossman.

I’m just a long-time gamer that has a game they want to share with the world. Like many games, Tales of the Elder Days started as a homebrew project. I was working towards a game system that could be used to run campaigns in my own fantasy setting and as such it features the balance of game elements that I wanted to see in my game. However, as TotED developed, I felt that there would be other gamers out there that were looking for the same type of game. So, I did my best to compile the rules into a complete game. I hope you enjoy it.

In any event, check out Tales of the Elder Days (in case you haven’t heard yet, the digital version of the game is available, unabridged, for free. Get it HERE). If you like what you see, spread the word.

Have a great day everyone!